Why John Eastman was much worse than just a undesirable lawyer

To the editor: Law firm John Eastman, who faces disbarment in California above his work to support former President Trump in overturning the 2020 election consequence, was characterised by an attorney for previous Vice President Mike Pence as a “serpent in Trump’s ear.”

This characterization, though appropriate, is misleading.

It is proper due to the fact it properly implies that Eastman was giving Trump fallacious legal data, and it’s acceptable to believe that Eastman knew he was accomplishing that.

But it is deceptive due to the fact it implies that Trump was simply offered lousy guidance by a lawyer. The truth is that Trump was actively searching for these kinds of a “serpent” to give him a justification, any justification, for blocking certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Eastman and Trump acted as a pair of rattlesnakes and ended up making an attempt to wipe out our rule of law with their poisonous venom. It’s appropriate that Eastman is experiencing disbarment in California and that both equally he and Trump are facing prison expenses in Ga.

David Michels, Encino


To the editor: The State Bar’s rushed endeavor to disbar Eastman is a shameful kangaroo court docket.

In the standard situation exactly where civil or criminal proceedings are pending relating to the bar charges, the bar delays the discipline till the court helps make its determination, notably the place there is minimal or no chance of hurt to clients, and 5th Modification rights are at stake.

Why not in this article? Mainly because the bar is nevertheless embarrassed by the Tom Girardi make any difference. Now it wishes to pose as the guardian of democracy in a scenario that is 90% political, heading just after somebody who is a pariah of the regional lawful institution.

This is a piece of cake for the prosecution, which can just latch on to U.S. District Decide David O. Carter’s “more likely than not” prejudgment of Eastman’s guilt. It’s enough for the ordinary dude to hope Eastman beats the rap and throws egg on their facial area, for the system’s sake.

Tom Weiss, Woodland Hills

The author is a lawyer.


To the editor: I don’t know which is a lot more disconcerting — that Eastman was a legislation professor, or that he was the dean of the regulation faculty the place he taught.

What did he instruct his learners? I hope they can now search to him as an illustration of what could possibly take place when people today think they are earlier mentioned the regulation.

Eastman is now apprehensive about shedding his California law license. He requires to eliminate his regulation license, just as a District of Columbia Bar panel advisable for Rudy Giuliani.

Linda Shabsin, Diamond Bar