Why does Delaware ignore its own laws on the environment?

Title 7 is perhaps the most influential piece of legislation ever passed in Delaware when it pertains to the environment. It is also the one most ignored by its own legislators and the state of Delaware. How does legislation become the law and is never enforced? Isn’t that breaking the law then? If plastic bags are no longer legal and paper bags must be used by retailers, why are plastic rings still used for soda, water and the like? You tell me. And that’s not all Delaware ignores when it comes to its’ own laws.

Delaware Code Title 7, conservation section 6452 is an eye opener. Sometime, just for your own cynical amusement, read Title 7. It makes for some very interesting reading. Besides plastic rings being outlawed, “the development of a program of education and promotion for statewide recycling and waste reduction” is mandated.  A public relations program supported by public service announcements is required — and that is only part of what the statute calls for.